Other Products and Accessories

AZ101 - Heavy duty Commercial Disposal

Single phase, heavy duty Stainless steel grind chamber with Cast nickel chrome cutting element, available in .45 hp, .55 HP and 1 HP Variants.

AZ102 – Dissection Board.

Polyethylene or Polypropylene dissection boards are to protect dissecting knives and to assist in cutting and Photography. White for dissecting and Blue for Photography.

AZ103 – Digital Weighing Scale

Compact, Lightweight , portable , and accurate digital weighing scale that could measure up to 5Kg

AZ104 – Pre Filter

Cleanable type Pre Filter removes fine solid particles of up to 5 microns sizes

AZ105 – Activated Carbon / PP Filters

Replaceable type Activated carbon Filter / Potassium Permanganate Filters for Removal of Formaldehyde Fumes and Odors.

AZ106 – Magnetic Instrument Holder

To Organize, Store and access commonly used dissecting instruments at your arms reach.

AZ107-Document Holder

Sturdy Construction plastic document holder to store important documents and files.

AZ108-Magnifying Lamp

Super large 7” 3 Diopter, (1.75 X) Crystal lens with 32 watts fluorescent bulb mounted on adjustable arm to position accurately over specimen under examination.

AZ109-Hand Spray Assembly

Easy to hold spray gun with flexible hose helps to clean debris over the entire work surface.

AZ110-FootPedall Operated Faucet

Foot pedal operated Hot and Cold water faucet arrangement for hands free operation.

AZ111-Spot Extraction System

Easily movable local exhaust arrangement, that can be moved anywhere on work surface so as to remove harmful Formalin fumes effectively from source.

AZ112-Adjustable Camera Holder

An arrangement to easily mount digital camera and adjust in three axis so as to position it accurately for photographing specimens.

AZ113-Safety Splash Shield

Transparent Lexan shield with flexible arm that can be moved in 3 axis and positioned wherever required

AZ114 – Foot Pedal Operated Switch for Disposal

Foot operated Electrical switch to ON / OFF disposal.

AZ115 – Formalin Dispensing System

Made of corrosive resistance , high grade SS 304 / SS 316 with quarter turn flow control valve to accurately control formalin flow.

AZ116 – Formalin Collection system

Cup sink arrangement to collect used formalin and a separate PVC container to store it and dispose it later.

AZ117 – Ventilated Trash Cabinet.

ventilated trash cabinet Made of SS 304 / 316 with connection duct to connect to System exhaust remove fouling odors arising out of waste.

AZ118 – Mobile storage Cabinet

Made of SS 304 / 316, with caster wheels for easy mobility. Standard cabinet comes with two drawer , Three drawer arrangement also available

AZ119 – Perimeter Rinsing System

Perimeter rinsing system having number of water jet openings along the perimeter makes it easy to wash all debris Under work surface.

AZ120 – Organizer Bin

Removable type Storage container made of SS 304 is available in various sizes.

AZ121 – C-Fold Paper Towel holder

Stainless Steel paper towel holder are made to hold and remove standard C-Fold tissue paper.

AZ122 – LED Lighting

High efficiency lighting of the grossing work area providing the highest color rendering index, low electrical consumption and safe no UV lighting exposure.

AZ124 – Adjustable storage shelves

Stainless steel shelves that can be easily removed and fitted at required height as needed.

AZ125 – Pullout writing pad

Pull out writing pad made of SS and fitted with high quality extension rail makes it easy to pull out and push in as needed

AZ126 – Pull out writing pad with storage

Pull out writing pad with additional storage space to store documents.

AZ128 – Air Velocity Monitor

A cost effective means to monitor air velocity and to warn you when air flow is too low or too high. Audible and visual alarm indicates abnormal change in air flow.

AZ130 – Additional power Socket and Switch.

Additional 230V Socket and Switch to power additional devices.

AZ131 – CPU Mounting Bracket

Wall mount type CPU mounting bracket firmly and securely holds standard CPU